New Course Offering from PBI

We are pleased to announce a new learning module is now available on Ploughshares Bible Institute, Reading the Bible in Community. It will be led by Jason Rodenbeck, and here’s the description:

A study of hermeneutics which provides skills and tools for biblical interpretation. The module focuses on coming to the text humbly within the Christian community.

You can enroll today, and it will begin on March 17th.

Getting Political

Preached 2016/11/13 at Newtown Christian Church (Connecticut)


The ancient church was growing. From several thousands on Pentecost, the Christian movement spread rapidly, east to Syria and into the Persian Empire, south to Egypt and across North Africa, north and west to Asia Minor and to what we call Europe. As it spread geographically, it grew numerically. By the time of Constantine I’s accession to the throne in the early fourth century, the Christian communities within the Roman Empire, scattered unevenly, had come to comprise approximately six million people—one tenth of the imperial populace. According to one scholar, this represents a growth, on average, of approximately 40 percent per decade. Christianity was an illegal cult, subject to an imposing variety of disincentives, so its early growth is formidable and question posing. Why did the early church grow?

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