Faith Maxey Axton is the daughter of missionary parents in Japan where she was raised. Faith manages the Carpenter’s House, provides oversight for the Project, and provides council and wisdom. Paul and Faith founded and ran American Christian College in Tokyo for 15 years and for the past 10 years they have worked in higher education in the U.S.


Paul V. Axton spent 30 years in higher education teaching theology, philosophy, and Bible. Paul’s Ph.D. work and book bring together biblical and psychoanalytic understandings of peace and the blog, podcast, and PBI are shaped by this emphasis.


Joelle Axton is the Ploughshares Garden Adviser and Community Liaison. Joelle is a Senior at Truman State University and is studying Philosophy and Religion and is minoring in Asian Studies and Agriculture.


Jason Rodenbeck has several years experience as an academic director, directing online, hybrid, and non-traditional higher education programs at the university level and teaching theology, biblical studies, critical thinking, and biblical interpretation in those programs. He currently works full time in faculty development and course design at a private university. Jason has a passion for peace which is reflected in all that he does. Jason directs the curriculum, design, and delivery of PBI courses.


Hayden Hagerman is a servant of the church and a student of the academy. In other words, Hayden is a seminarian. His theological and academic interests converge upon a central theme: recovering and (re)discovering the church’s peculiar story as the Body of Christ in the world. How the church lives out her story through her historic and contemporary relationship with Judaism, her creedal and theological interpretation of Scripture, and her ongoing liturgical and sacramental practices are the present subjects of inquiry for Hayden. In addition to his studies, Hayden is also the host of Practicing Peace, an interview-based podcast that spotlights contemporary practitioners of messianic peace.

Jonathan Totty is a minister, a student, and a scholar. Jonathan is currently completing his Master of Arts in Theology at Lincoln Christian University. His academic interests are in systematic and historical theology. Jonathan is currently researching the doctrine of deification in the grace theology of Thomas Aquinas, and this research is planned to culminate in a Master’s thesis. Other interests of Jonathan include folk music and the history of folk music, gardening, and peripatetic philosophizing.


Frank Dugan III graduated from the Honors Program which Paul directed. His research has focused on interpreting the eucharist as a thanksgiving offering. Frank is the webmaster for Forging Ploughshares.