What Is Theology?

Paul explores the question, “What is theology?”

The way that Karl Barth has said the same thing is, as he was reading Romans the “strange new world of the Bible opened up to him.”  What he means by that is he began to enter into a different world because of his realization and understanding of who God is in Christ.  That thrilling discovery of an alternative cosmos, an alternative world, I’m afraid is precisely what is lost in scholastic, classical, evangelical, even protestant approaches.  The very way in which they engage the world has left most of the world untouched by what I would consider the foundational understanding.

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Romans 8, Life in the Trinity

Paul talks about life in the trinity from Romans 8.

You know, we often hear people say this that ‘Christ’s death defeats death,’ but can we say that we know exactly how—‘how does it do that?’ Well, once we understand that ‘death’ is the form of ‘life’ outside of Christ, that people’s lives are controlled by this absolute that is posited, and then Christ exposes that it’s not an absolute—that the enemy controlled it as some sort of door or mystery, that it is the fear of death as pictured in Hebrews—the punishing effects of sin and death are finished…the announcement in Romans 8 is that ‘living death’ is undone in Christ.

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