Violence and the Old Testament with Dr. Stephen Chapman

In this segment of Practicing Peace, Hayden chats with Dr. Stephen Chapman of Duke University about theological interpretation of Scripture and Old Testament violence.

In order for us to be clear about the gospel and clear about our confession of Jesus Christ we also need to be clear-eyed about violence. ~Stephen Chapman

Author: Hayden Hagerman

Hayden Hagerman is a servant of the church and a student of the academy. In other words, Hayden is a seminarian. His theological and academic interests converge upon a central theme: recovering and (re)discovering the church’s peculiar story as the Body of Christ in the world. How the church lives out her story through her historic and contemporary relationship with Judaism, her creedal and theological interpretation of Scripture, and her ongoing liturgical and sacramental practices are the present subjects of inquiry for Hayden. In addition to his studies, Hayden is also the host of "Practicing Peace," an interview-based podcast that spotlights contemporary practitioners of messianic peace.

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