Karl Barth and Analogia Entis with Jonathan Totty

Paul and Jonathan Totty have a conversation about Karl Barth and his engagement with Eric Przywara on perhaps the most important theological conversation of the 20th century, analogia entis, the analogy of being.
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Jesse Schrader on Cultural Relativism

Paul and Jesse Schrader discuss the anthropology of Ratzinger and Hauerwas, covering important differences and misunderstandings.

In talking about the topic of relativism: in the church being a separate community you will most certainly confront relativism. Because your only line of defense against relativism is not appealing to reason or philosophical argument. Instead, you are insisting that truth is something that is embodied—there is a merger there.

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Peace on the Land with Joelle Axton

Forging Ploughshares Garden Adviser and Community Liaison explains why Peace with the land must be incorporated into concepts of salvation and describes her work in this regard.

…we had all kinds of differences, but that all sort of melts away when you’re planting vegetables together or delivering a box of vegetables to a community member that’s shut in to their house. So I guess I found God in the garden because we were able to have conversation and fellowship in a way I hadn’t found before. I found that working together can be a good first step in reconciling differences.

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