Resisting the Powers through Non-conformity

Subordination is significantly different from unconditional obedience.  Was Christ “obedient” to Rome?  He was killed by Rome.  Romans 13 is not about “blind obedience to the state.”  If that was the case, the Christians would all have been worshiping Caesar.  Paul is rejecting any notion of violent revolution.  Paul has no illusions about Rome being a servant of God, though he does use corrupt nations for his purposes as they remain under his judgment.

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What the Cross Doesn’t Mean

A first-Sunday-of-Advent message about the meaning of the cross of Christ and how it resolves the violence of people and not the violence of God. Inherent in the discussion is the topic of the meaning of OT sacrifice. Jason gives an alternative to the classic “appeasing an angry God” reading of the atonement sacrifice.
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Saved From Sin Not The Law

Paul describes  the problem with divine satisfaction and presents an alternative biblical understanding.

As long as we are willing to sell our brother down the river, have the other suffer instead of us, I believe we have no part in true Christianity. When we are willing,though, to take up the cross and stand with those who are suffering, stand with those who are oppressed, then I believe we have joined the way for Christ.

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Destruction of Democracy

The scapegoating of Christ pronounced by Caiaphas is the height of political genius and definitive of majority rule. It is this evil that Christ came to defeat. Paul uses Rene Girard to explain scapegoating, the way it consumes all in its wake and how it is exposed by Christ.

The New Testament puts on display the logic and workings of human politics and shows us the logic at the center of human political strategy.

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