Rediscovering Communion – Part III

Paul and Frank continue their discussion on communion. This episode covers “real presence” and the meaning of “eating” and “drinking” the flesh and blood of Jesus. Rather than dwelling on the theoretical, they dive right into a big-picture view of the Gospel of John by going through the whole story to understand what Jesus meant when He gave that strange commandment.

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Rediscovering Communion – Part II

Paul and Frank continue their discussion on the meaning,  origin and practice of communion. This episode covers the purpose of the Levitical sacrifices and the significance blood, more readings from the Didache, whether communion and the assembly should be open or closed, and a little more detail on the way thanksgiving offerings were practiced.

For Further Learning:
  1. Didache
  2. Getting Political
  3. Rediscovering Communion – Part I

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Rediscovering Communion – Part I

Paul and Frank start a conversation about a Biblical understanding of communion and what it may mean to restore Biblical practice today.

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Resources from the conversation:
  1. Didache
  2. Alexander Campbell, The Christian Baptist, “On the Breaking of Bread”
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