And they will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they learn war. ~Isaiah 2:4b, NASB

Forging Ploughshares, working with Outreach International, is transforming lives and minds for the Peaceable Kingdom through our Bible Institute, community outreach, media productions, and international outreach. We are teaching and training college students, local church members, those in hardship or oppressed settings (e.g., local offenders transitioning back into civilian life), and Christians in cross-cultural ministry.

We provide in-depth transformative biblical and theological education and discipleship through a variety of means:

  • Online learning through Ploughshares Bible Institute (PBI) – an alternative to traditional Christian education.
  • Classes and seminars at The Carpenter’s House – for local students and the Forging Ploughshares community.
  • The blog, Walking Truth, provides theological insight to a broad audience on living out Christianity.
  • The Podcast, Forging Ploughshares is aimed at “hammering” out the details of the peaceable Kingdom.
  • The Ploughshares Bible Institute offers courses in Bible and theology with completion certificates in Church Leadership, Bible, and Theology.
  • Ploughshares Harvest is our community garden which provides the opportunity to find peace with and through the land.
  • Pens for Ploughshares is our publishing ministry, producing and providing students of the Bible publications on theology and Scripture.

You can read more about these projects here.

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