Ploughshares Bible Institute

PBI (Ploughshares Bible Institute) is an institute of continuing theological and biblical learning for ministers and lay leaders which makes theological and biblical learning accessible to Christians who want to understand their faith more fully. The curriculum introduces Christians to a nonviolent understanding of every aspect of Christian doctrine. PBI provides a cost-effective training in Christianity  using a biblical model of discipleship. Online classes are designed such that each student’s course of work is on a tutorial basis and individualized to meet the student’s desires and needs.

The Carpenter’s House

This 100-year-old home in Moberly, MO is the headquarters where we live and work. During the week students and local residents gather for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship. Here the Ploughshares community, made up of local students and residents, international students, and missionaries find intellectual stimulation and spiritual challenge to live out the fullness of the Gospel.

Walking Truth

The blog “Walking Truth” began as meditations on theology and walking, focusing on the notion that Christianity and Christian ethics, the view of God (along with Christology and Pneumatology), and our understanding of the Christian life must turn from static scholastic notions to a dynamic incarnational understanding. The blog has explained a psychotheological approach to the personal transformation entailed in Paul’s picture of conversion in Romans. Each week the blog takes on personal issues in walking out or embodying the Christian life.

Forging Ploughshares Podcast

This podcast exposes the depth of violence and the need for peace in every area of life. The peace that passes understanding is psychological, social, epistemological and ontological. The human Subject, the human condition, theories of atonement, understandings of the Kingdom (the Church), and biblical hermeneutics, are either built on notions of an originary violence or an original Peace. This podcast explores the depth and breadth of peaceableness.

Ploughshares Harvest

The Carpenter’s House boasts an expansive yard which provides ample opportunity to work the soil. We have just broken ground on our garden and we hope it will eventually provide food to the local community kitchen as well as provide garden participants an easy supply of food and the therapy of growing and gathering it.

Pens for Ploughshares

Pens for Ploughshares is the publishing ministry of Forging Ploughshares. Its goal is to publish books and literature which support the mission of FP at the lowest possible cost.