Paul V. Axton spent 30 years in higher education teaching theology, philosophy, and Bible. Paul’s Ph.D. work and book bring together biblical and psychoanalytic understandings of peace and the blog, podcast, and PBI are shaped by this emphasis.

Michael Vang is a 2nd Generation Hmong-American and the Forging Ploughshares gardener. His primary theological interests include learning more about the identity of God and the ethical implications of taking up the identity of God. One of the ethical implications Michael is trying to comprehend involves economics with particular interest to Luke 1:33: “his kingdom will never end.” By theologically engaging with economics, an understanding was fostered which connected the dots between economics and sustainability guiding him towards permaculture. Through permaculture, Michael seeks to explore what it means to be a creature that God intended in Genesis 2:15: “The Lord God took the man and placed him in the orchard in Eden to care for it and to maintain it.”

Jason Rodenbeck Portrait

Jason Rodenbeck has several years experience as an academic director, directing online, hybrid, and non-traditional higher education programs at the university level and teaching theology, biblical studies, critical thinking, and biblical interpretation in those programs. He currently works full time in instructional design and digital learning at a public university in Georgia. Jason has a passion for peace which is reflected in all that he does. He loves to repurpose antiques and has published two books of poetry available on his website. Jason directs the curriculum, design, and delivery of PBI courses.


Hayden Hagerman is a graduate of Duke University and Cincinnati Christian University. He’s interested in the history of biblical interpretation, the life and thought of the ante- and post-Nicene Fathers, especially Origen and Augustine of Hippo, as well as the philosophical work of Wittgenstein and Stanley Cavell. He teaches secondary education courses in church history, Bible, and moral theology.

Jonathan Totty is an Episcopal Priest at the Church of the Annunciation in Lewisville, TX. He is a graduate of Lincoln Christian University, Nashotah House Theological Seminary, and is currently continuing graduate education at Southern Methodist University. Jonathan is interested in Aquinas studies, Lonergan studies, philosophical theology, and theological anthropology.


Frank Dugan III graduated from the Honors Program which Paul directed. His research has focused on interpreting the eucharist as a thanksgiving offering. Frank is the webmaster for Forging Ploughshares.