PBI: Registration is Now Open for Romans

What is ultimately at stake in alternative readings of Romans is the universal nature of the human predicament and the manner in which Christ saves. It is the fundamental nature of the Gospel that is under contention in this key letter. 

The overall theme guiding the effort is the practical nature of salvation in Christ as it addresses the immediate issue of a Subject grounded in deception and oriented to death. New life in Christ is not simply a promise for the future but it is the ontological ground of an alternative Subject no longer oriented to death through deception but one who has found new life in the Spirit.

Issues of the extent of salvation, the role of the Church in relation to the state, women in leadership, and the nature of human transformation are also covered.

This is a key course that hits the key issues in theology:

NTT 207 Romans: Salvation through the Body of Christ: A theological study of the faithfulness of God revealed in Christ Jesus as articulated in Paul’s letter to the Romans. Focusing on Paul’s exposition of God making the world right through Christ. (PBILO 5, 7, 12)

The class is starting May 27th and going through July 29th.

You can register for the course athttps://pbi.forgingploughshares.org/lm/offerings (scroll to the bottom)